Carpe Diem!

Published March 16, 2016 by Maryann Kate



Above are some before and after pictures as well as video from my St. Baldrick’s head shave on March 12th 2016.

New motto in life is: Carpe Diem. It is defined as “making the most out of the present moment and giving little thought to the future.” Always stay present 🙂

Okay, y’all. Let’s talk about the head shave! Because it was definitely an experience of a lifetime.

So this past Saturday (March 12th), I was feeling pretty excited and a little nervous about shaving off all my hair in support of childhood cancer. But I was determined to do it because of what it represented to me and I knew this act of selflessness would be worth it in the end. Plus, it’s only hair and it will grow back!

My Dad had taken off from work to join me at the event, which was so absolutely amazing. He took the awesome video which is located above.

I arrived at the venue, Napper Tandy’s Irish Pub, at about 2:30 pm with loads of butterflies in my stomach. Since it was still pretty early, I believe I was one of the first people to shave their heads (and one of the few girls). I was just so happy that I didn’t have to wait because I had been waiting for 3 weeks already!

A huge crowd had gathered especially after they realized that a girl with a full luscious head of hair was going to soon be bald. It made me a bit more nervous having an audience but I was okay and it was nice that people were interested.

The hairdresser couldn’t believe I was doing it and she asked me several times if I really wanted to. I kept saying ‘yes, let’s do it.’ I just wanted to get it over with at this point. My adrenaline was coursing through my veins like when I was about to bungee jump 440 feet into a ravine in Queenstown, New Zealand. I was super pumped and there was no turning back now.

As soon as she started to shave my head, I felt really good. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time! I thought I would cry a little but it ended up being the complete opposite reaction. I was happy and so proud of myself. I remember thinking how quick the whole process took. It was over in 5 minutes but it felt like even less time.

Now, I was bald. Completely exposed to the world. Nothing to hide behind. I felt confident and courageous. I even got some compliments on my way out of the bar. I knew I had done a really great thing and it was an unbelievable feeling.

After leaving the event, I drove to my Mom’s house and showed my family what I had done. They were very supportive and told me how good I looked. I cannot stress enough how important support is when you do something like this. It’s so much easier when you have people in your life who accept you and root for you 100%.

It has been so touching to see how many people liked my Facebook post and watched my video thus far. The whole point of this was to spread the word about childhood cancer in order to raise some money to find a cure. I am happy to report that I have raised $456 to date (which was pretty close to my goal of $500). But what people don’t realize is that you can still donate to this wonderful cause even after the head shave. So if you’d like to donate, please visit my St. Baldrick’s website here or email me at and I can give you my address if you’d like to mail a check. Remember, every little bit helps!

A few thoughts that have occurred to me since becoming hairless:

  • I look absolutely hot in mascara and lipstick (I don’t know why I just realized this now)
  • Hair doesn’t define a person
  • Being bald makes you MORE self-confident (because you can be who you truly are)
  • Cancer patients don’t wear hats due to embarrassment. They wear them because their heads are cold! (Mine has been so cold at times and you do lose a good portion of body heat through your head)
  • Hair grows pretty fast
  • Lastly, my hair is super red when it’s short! I guess the sun lightens it to strawberry blonde but these new hairs haven’t really seen the light of day yet 🙂

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this blog update and the pictures/videos. I would love to read your comments if you have any and be sure to keep a look out for future posts soon. Love you all as always.

Carpe Diem!

~Maryann 😀



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