Brave The Shave!

Published February 27, 2016 by Maryann Kate

HaircutPicture 24

Descriptions of pictures above: New Zealand, April 2015 (1st picture) and Long Island, New York, February 27th, 2016 (2nd Picture) 


Hey Everybody,

Hopefully you’ve already watched my recent video on YouTube (which you can find here) but in case you haven’t heard yet…

On March 12th, 2016 at Napper Tandy’s in Smithtown, I will be shaving my head in support of childhood cancer research. Yes, you read that correctly. All my hair is coming off 🙂

Let me explain a little more about why I’ve decided to do this. Well, for the past 6 months, I’ve been working with cancer patients during my clinical rotation (I’m currently studying to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner). I’ve come to form some close relationships with these children and their families. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and all the in-betweens. It has definitely been an incredible journey and I’ve been learning tremendously along the way.

I’ve truly been inspired by these kids and adolescents. Some of them face pretty grim outcomes and yet they never stop smiling. They don’t let life stop from a diagnosis of cancer. They live each day as if it’s their last and they appreciate the good days while forgetting the bad ones. They’ve changed my life just by being the unbelievably strong kids that they are.

I had learned about the St. Baldrick’s foundation a few years ago but always said that I could never shave all my hair off. Well, my new motto is “never say never.” While I was away in New Zealand last year, I wanted to shave my head for St. Baldrick’s but unfortunately they haven’t established a strong following there yet. So, I decided to shave three quarters of my head instead (on my own and not for any charity). There’s photographic evidence above of this moment in my travels.

This year, I wanted to make a difference. Childhood cancer is extremely unfunded. Organizations like St. Baldrick’s help support so many cancer patients and they also help fund the search for a cure. I believe rocking a shaved head for a few months is a small price to pay for a fantastic cause. These children don’t get to choose. I also thought it would be awesome to be able to show my patients that I personally support them (hence why I’m doing it while I’m still completing my clinicals).

Here’s a link to my St. Baldrick’s page Shave for the Kids Please donate whatever you can as every little bit helps. Send this to anyone you know who may be interested as well. Word of mouth is a powerful resource. You can even stop by to support me in person if you’re in the area. Or you can send me a message on my Facebook page at Maryann Leap. I’d love to hear your words of encouragement and support.

I’m doing this for anyone who’s ever had cancer, including my family members, friends, patients, etc. I’m so ready to brave the shave for childhood cancer. Here’s to finding a cure and making cancer a thing of the past.

Love you all and be sure to watch out for future updates,






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