Clarity Leads To Peace

Published January 6, 2016 by Maryann Kate

Hey Everyone,

So, here’s a few things that I’ve fully realized today:

My gut instincts are almost 100% correct and I need to trust what I feel. This applies to people, situations, places, etc. I’ve always had this skill as a little kid. I’m like a walking BS detector. I can sense when someone is being fake or disingenuous. I get myself into trouble when I ignore these intuitive feelings and proceed forward anyways.

Yes it’s nice to want to believe that it’s all in your head and you’re just overreacting or coming from a place of fear. But the honest truth is that if you get a bad feeling, it would be wise to listen to it. You’re not “making up” what you feel. Women are especially good at picking up on these invisible vibes. It’s been said that you make the most accurate assessment of someone during the first 10 seconds of meeting that person. I completely agree.

I’ve found myself giving people extra chances because I’m thinking maybe I was “wrong” about them. But you know what, my intuition is rarely wrong and I need to accept this. I have a valuable skill and I need to acknowledge that. I need to think less and feel more. If something doesn’t feel right, take notice and don’t do whatever it is. And if it’s a person that’s giving you the bad vibes, then stay away from them. Yes, everyone can teach us something but we don’t have to keep spending time with that person.

I must be very honest with myself and continue to follow my heart. I doubt things WAY too much. I once had this thought: “Question Everything, Doubt Nothing.” I thought that was interesting as it’s helpful to be inquisitive but to doubt is to lack faith. Faith is “believing in what you cannot see.” This takes an enormous amount of trust in the unknown but it is so incredibly important.

When things are supposed to happen, they happen. I truly believe this. We’re always where we need to be. But we must stop trying to force things to happen. That never works out well and usually leads to needless suffering. Just let things happen naturally. Stay in the present moment more instead of always regretting the past or worrying about the future.

All we have at any given moment is this moment right now. Let’s actually live life instead of getting so caught up in our minds. Make mistakes, learn from them, and move forward. Everything will be okay. It always is and it always will be.

I send you all my love as always.

Until next time,




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