Where To Travel To Next?!

Published November 15, 2015 by Maryann Kate

I had the pleasure of recently reuniting with two awesome friends, Kat and Cara, that I met while I was working as a nurse at a camp called the Southampton Fresh Air Home. I still cannot believe it’s been 3 years since we’ve seen each other in person! At a charming “wee” Irish café named ‘Swing the Teapot’,  the three of us enjoyed some delicious food and we also has a grand ol’ time reminiscing about our past adventures at the camp. They were excited that I was back home and had many questions regarding my trip. As I say to most people when they ask me about my travels, I replied ‘Where do I begin?!’

I honestly can’t believe that I’ve been home for 4 months. It feels like time has gone by really fast and yet it feels like it was years since I was overseas in New Zealand (and decades since I was in Australia). It’s funny how time is all relative, isn’t it? I’ve been thinking to myself that I really do miss traveling and I have definitely been bitten by the travel bug. Yes I had to come home to finish my master’s program but had I not had to finish school, I’m not sure if I would have returned as soon I as I did. Okay, I know what y’all are thinking… but 18 months really FLIES by! I swear! It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we set our sights on fulfilling our dreams.

So now I’ve been brainstorming of which countries I want to visit next. I’ve already been to two countries that are probably the furthest away that you can go (not counting Antarctica). Okay, I just googled this because I’m a nerd and it turns out that I’ve already been to the place that’s actually the furthest spot from New York. That would be the city of Perth in Australia (located in Western Australia to be exact). I feel so much more accomplished now!

Anyhoo, getting back to the country or countries that I would love to go to in the near future. Firstly, just so nobody panics, I AM finishing my master’s program before I leave to go jet setting again. But I’m feeling called to travel to… drum roll please… Ireland and England! I would love to visit the rest of Europe as well but I’m going to start in the United Kingdom and Ireland. I’m not really sure why I picked these two countries. I guess it’s because I’ve always fantasized about seeing them in person, even as a teenager. It’s those damn sexy accents!

Now y’all know me, I’m not someone who does things on a small scale. When I do something, I do it BIG. So I’m going to find a way to live over there for a while (whether it be a year or more). Hey, at least I’ll be a lot closer this time! I’m just following my gut instincts and my heart. And right now, both are telling me that this is my next move. I’m not sure exactly when this will take place but it will be sooner rather than later for sure.

It’s like everyone has said to me (and it’s absolutely true), if you don’t travel when you’re young and free of all attachments, you might never get the chance. I’m taking my chances now because I am still young and I am completely free. It’s about mustering all the courage that exists within your being and pursuing your dreams (even if people don’t agree with what you’re doing). I felt Australia and New Zealand were something I had to do. I didn’t question the reason why I felt compelled to travel to the land “Down Under”. I just took the leap of faith and trusted that I would be guided the whole way because it was something that I felt would change my life. And it most definitely did. Traveling on my own for a year and a half was one of the most important things I have ever done. Period.

So, I’m not going to question my inner stirrings to travel over to the other side of the pond. When the time is right, I will leave just as I have before. However, this time, I have the confidence knowing that I can accomplish whatever I set out to. And even if I don’t, I have nothing to lose (except maybe some of my leftover fears). Plus, it’s a hell of a lot shorter to hop on a plane home from Europe (if I ever needed to). I get so excited thinking about this next trip and that’s exactly how I know it’s meant to be. Follow those ideas that light up your heart and push yourself outside your comfort zone. That’s how you’ll know you’re on the right path. Actually, on second thought, forget following the “right” path and build your own. That’s always the most fun anyways.

Next update on Wednesday so be sure to check it out!

Love Always,



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