In Honor of Throwback Thursday…A Day Early

Published November 11, 2015 by Maryann Kate

Here’s a blog that I wrote back in August for my good English friend Jonathan (whom I worked with in Nelson, New Zealand). You could call it New Plymouth Part 3 perhaps. Enjoy this blast from the past 🙂

Fof's Off

10653799_829777327065621_7854213014880113448_nMaryann is from Long Island in the US state of New York. I met her in Nelson back in December and I’ve been cajoling her to write me a blog for months now, because I’m mean like that but also because I knew she’d be good at it. We met up in Wellington a couple of weeks ago, just before she flew home, and I’m delighted that she’s since found the time to write something for me. 

I wanted Maryann to write something because she’s thoughtful and reflective, and also has a contrasting perspective to me. For example, we have very different opinions on whether or not praying to St Anthony is likely to help you find things that you’ve lost. It’s always good to listen to people with a different point of view (which is obviously the only reason I keep my right-wing banker friends around) and this is a topic that’s…

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